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Each week from September to May we publish a blog by and for the York teaching community.  This year, we will be introducing audio and video contributions alongside the written format.

Contact Brian Nairn – nairn1@yorku.ca if you would like to contribute in any format.

Academic Year 2020- 2021

The YU Experience Hub is Here to Help!  Blog 156, October 9, 2020, by Brittany Maguire

Supporting York University Students on the Autism Spectrum within an Online Learning Environment, Blog 155, October 2, 2020, by Raymond Peart

Your Class is Already Accessible – 5 Fast Ways to Make it More So, Blog 154, September 25, 2020, by Maureen Barnes

We Cannot Lose Our Empathy, Blog 153, September 18, 2020, by Davis Vallesi

Establishing Social Presence in Your Online Class, Blog 152, September 11, 2020, by Brian Nairn.

The Teaching Commons Has Your Back, Blog 151, September 4, 2020, by Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier.

Academic Year 2019- 2020

Learning Remotely for Teaching Remotely: Webinars for Supporting Faculty Navigating Teaching Online, Blog 150, June 1st, 2020, by Lisa Endersby & Natahsa May.

Experiences as What Define us as Humans, Blog 149, May 18, 2020, by Eva Peisachovich & Lora Appel.

5 Pointers for Teaching Online or Remotely, Blog 148, May 4, 2020, by Steve Gennaro.

Teaching with a ‘Digital Mindset’, Blog 147, April 27, 2020, by Bryn Ludlow.

How to Hold a Conference Online, Blog 146, March 13, 2020, by Celia Popovic & Erika Kustra.

Considering Alternative Assessment, Blog 145, March 19, 2020, by Mandy Frake-Mistak

Using Media to Teach Media, Blog 144, March 16, 2020, by Bryn Ludlow.

My Placement Experience with SCOTAY (Student Consultants on Teaching at York), Blog 143, March 2, 2020, by Zigeng Liang

Effecting a Framework of Engaged Teaching at York University: A Student’s Perspective, Blog 142, February 24, 2020, by Luca Montana.

Celebrating Experiential Education at York: An overview of the 2020 Experiential Education Symposium, Blog 141, February 18, 2020, by Kathleen Winningham and Lisa Endersby.

SCOTAY, A Flexible Learning Path, Blog 140, February 10, 2020, by Gwendolyne Saando.

Facilitating Accessible Teaching and Learning by Moving Beyond the ‘Average’ Classroom, Blog 139, February 3, 2020, by Ameera Ali.

Reading for Teaching: Learning How to Slow Down with The Slow Professor, Blog 138, January 27, 2020, by Scott McLaren.

The World of Learning Within the Teaching Commons , Blog 137, January 13, 2020, by N’Keyah Burton.

The Launch of the First Generation Network, Blog 136, December 3, 2019, by Sandra Cardinal.

How Much Study Time Is Enough?, Blog 135, November 25, 2019, by Cathy Boyd-Withers.

Reframing the Problem of Students Not Reading, Blog 134, November 18, 2019, by Carolyn Steele.

Smartphone Accommodation Resource Toolbox (SmART), Blog 133, November 4, 2019, by Iris Epstein, RN, PhD.

Resilience Revisited, Blog 132, October 28, 2019, by Robin Sutherland-Harris.

The Coming Together of Global Colleagues to Generate Scholarship, Blog 131, October 21, 2019, by Mandy Frake-Mistak.

How about a Start, Stop, Continue Retrospective?, Blog 130, Monday September 30, 2019, by Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier

Experiential Education: A Pedagogical Approach for All Ages, Blog 129, Monday September 23, 2019, by Virginia Grimaldi.

Learning Outcomes for Life: Intentional, Explicit, and Practiced, Blog 128, Monday September 16, 2019, by Peter Wolf.

Using a Soft, Throwable Microphone to Support Interactive Learning in Large Lecture Courses, Blog 127, Monday September 9, 2019 by Natalie Neill.

Academic Year 2018- 2019

Teaching in Focus 2019: Reflecting on Our Practice and Praxis, Blog 126, Monday May 27, 2019, by Lisa Endersby.

May Journal Club, Blog 125, Monday, May 20, 2019, by Brian Nairn.

Retrospective, Part 2: Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy. Blog 123, Monday, May 6, 2019, by Elaine Coburn.

How do I teach popular culture without becoming a victim of it? Blog 122, Monday April 29, 2019 by Bridget Cauthery.

What is the effect of a first year seminar on students’ use of research resources? Blog 121, Monday, April 22, 2019  by Natasha May.

Creating and Open Educational Resource, Blog 120, Monday April 15, 2019 by Anna Augusto Rodrigues.

Retrospective,  Part 1, Blog 119, Monday April 8, 2019 by Jon Sufrin.

February Journal Club, Blog 118, Blog 118, Monday April 1st, 2019 by Alice Kim.

Inhabited Pedagogies: Reports from the Field, Blog 117 by Lisa Endersby and Natasha May, Monday, March 25, 2019

From Inside a Unique Exam Opportunity, Blog 116 by Natasha May, Monday, March 18, 2019

Two SCOTAYS Share their Experience, Blog 115 by Inderpreet Banwait & Esther Wanduku, Monday, March 11 2019

When SCOTAY came to my Class, Blog 114 by Natasha May, Monday, March 4, 2019

Experiential Education and Lynda.com, Blog 113 by Anna Augusto Rodrigues, Monday, February 25, 2019

Starting a Capstone Revolution at York—One Cup of Coffee at a Time, Blog 112 by Danielle Robinson, Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Work to Study, Study to Work, Blog 111 by Nandini Asavari Bharadwaj, Monday, February 11, 2019

What SCOTAY Means to Me, Blog 110 by Zuzana Balazova & Cassandra Piccoli,Monday, February 4, 2019

Creating a Video Introduction for your Online Course, Blog 109 by Anna Augusto Rodrigues, Monday, January 28, 2019

Multiform Grammar: From Illustrated Historiography to the Classroom, Blog 108 by Noa Yaari, Monday, January 21, 2019

January Journal Club, Blog 107 by Lisa Endersby, Educational Developer, Monday, January 14, 2019

Carrying Forward with an Appreciate Mindset, Blog 106 by Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier, Interim Director, Monday January 7th, 2019

Podcasting for Teaching and Research, Brittany Starkman, Graduate Student, Faculty of Education, Blog 105, Monday December 3rd

An Unsuccessful Attempt to Increase Student Study Time and Performance, Uros Petronivejic, LA&PS,  Blog 104, Monday November 26th

Digital Humanities and Social Sciences for Experiential Learning, Samantha Cutrara, Curriculum Specialist, Blog 103, Monday November 19th

Creating Effective Videos with a Smart Phone, Anna Rodrigues, Teaching Commons, Blog 102, Monday November 12th

Perspectives from Indigenizing an Indigenous Course, Part 2, Sean Hillier, Faculty of Health, Blog 101 , Monday November 5th

Perspectives from Indigenizing an Indigenous Course, Part 1, Sean Hillier, Faculty of Health, Blog 100 , Monday October 29th

‘But what are you looking for?’: the Conundrum of Evaluating Students, Steve Gennaro, Blog 99, Monday October 22nd

Teaching with a Colleague…Triumph or Terror?, Mariela Giuliano, Psychology & Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons, Blog 98, Monday October 15th

Meet the YU Experience Hub, Kathleen Winningham, YU Experience Hub & Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Blog 97, Monday October 8th

The Five Minute Accessibility Makeover, Maureen Barnes, Student Accessibility Services Blog 96, Monday October 1st

A Meaningful Learning Experience, Jennifer Klein, Blog 95, Monday September 24th

Why do we still print the course syllabus? Sean Kheraj, LA&PS. Blog 94, Monday September 17th

After the first week  Raymont Peart, Student Accessibility Services. Blog 93, Monday September 10th

Welcome back! Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons. Blog 92, Tuesday September 4th


Blog 91 – Monday May 7th – Jerusha Lederman, Teaching Commons, Journal Club, April meeting

Blog 90 – Monday April 30th – Raymond Peart, ASD Coordinator, Putting  Student Voices to Work

Blog 89 – Monday April 23rd – Alice Kim Teaching Commons, Journal Club, March meeting

Blog 88 – Monday March 26th – Barbara Kerr, Teaching Commons, Teaching with the Case Study Method

Blog 87 – Monday March 19th – Natasha May and Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons, The top 6 things we learnt about Creative Commons (CC) Licensing

Blog 86 – Monday March 12th – Natasha May, Teaching Commons, What’s in a Name?

Blog 85 – Monday March 5th – The York University Libraries’ Teaching, Learning, and Research Committee (TLRC), Information Literacy and Fake News

Blog 84 – Monday February 26th – Markus Reisenleitner, LA&PS, What’s in a Name? Course design bootcamps and the need for a non-violent language of pedagogy.

Blog 83 – Monday February 12th – Raymond Peart, ASD Coordinator, Autism

Blog 82 – Monday February 5th – Barbara Kerr, Teaching Commons Journal Club, January meeting

Blog 81 – Monday January 29th – Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons Journal Club, November meeting

Blog 80 – Monday January 22nd – Susan Murtha, Faculty of Health, Is anyone else worried about the number of students purchasing essays through third party?

Blog 79 – Monday January 15th – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, The Lego Workshop

Blog 78 – Monday January 8th – Dawn Bazely, Faculty of Science, Blogging helps students and professors to write more clearly

Blog 77 – Monday December 11th – Justin Podur, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Problem Based Learning – The Maastricht MOOC

Blog 76 – Monday December 4th – Genevieve Maheux Pelletier, and Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Debunking the Myth of Learning through Experience with the Subway Emergency Exercise

Blog 75 – Monday November 27th – Yelin Su, Teaching Commons, Journal Club October meeting

Blog 74 – Monday November 20th – Lisa Endersby and Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Lego, Serious play

Blog 73 – Monday November 13th – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Journal Club launch of year 2

Blog 72 – Monday November 6th – Alice Kim, Teaching Commons, Musings on preparing for a new course: the use of Twitter as a course tool

Blog 71 – Monday October 30th – Raymond Peart, ASD Coordinator, Breaking Boundaries I: 10 things post-secondary educators should know when working with students with autism

Blog 70 – Monday October 23rd – James Andrew Smith, Lassonde, Teaching Wheels

Blog 69 – Monday October 16th – Claudia Chaufan, Health, It’s not about your teaching but about their learning: Increasing student engagement through the jigsaw classroom

Blog 68 – Monday October 9th – Peter Constantinou, LA&PS, Top Ten Lessons Learned Teaching a Fully On-line Course for the Very First Time

Blog 67 – Monday October 2nd – Eva Peisachovich,  Faculty of Health, Simulated Person Methodology

Blog 66 – Monday September 25th – Genevieve Maheux Pelletier, Teaching Commons, The Subway Emergency Exercise as Reflective Teaching and Learning

Blog 65 – Monday September 18th – Raymond Peart, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education, A Note about Autism

Blog 64 – Monday September 11th – Celia Popovic and Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Teaching Commons Journal Club

Blog 63 – Monday September 4th – Andrea Davis, LA&PS , Teaching as Activism

2016 -17

Blog 62 – Monday May 1st – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Journal Club

Blog 61 – Monday April 24th – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Ontario eTeaching and eLearning Community of Practice, live debate

Blog 60 – Monday April 17th – Claudia Chaufan, Associate Professor, School of Health Policy & Management and Samantha Sanghee Yoo, Student, Health Studies Program, What does it mean to be on the “frontlines of health”?

Blog 59 – Monday April 10th – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, The Pedagogical Workout: Bootcamps as Innovative Teaching Practice

Blog 58 – Monday April 3rd – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Teaching in Focus Conference

Blog 57 – Monday March 27th – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Evidence for Experience: Emerging Conversations in the Scholarship of Experiential Education

Blog 56 – Monday March 20th – Yelin Su, Teaching Commons, March 2017 Teaching Commons Journal Club – Community Based Research and student learning

Blog 55 – Monday March 13th – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 5 (of 5)

Blog 54 – Monday March 6th – Dawn Bazely, Facuty of Science,  I’m aiming to break my class out of the cycle of “memorizing & forgetting”

Blog 53 – Monday February 27th – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 4 (of 5)

Blog 52 – Monday February 20th – Andrea Valente, Teaching Commons Tutor, Did you ever wonder what active learning could ‘taste’ like?

Blog 51 – Monday February 13th – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 3 (of 5)

Blog 50 – Monday February 6th – Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop Epilogue

Blog 49 – Monday January 30th  – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 2 (of 5)

Blog 48 – Monday January 23rd – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 1 (of 5)

Blog 47 – Monday January 16th – Dawn Bazely, Faculty of Science, Figuring out the link between social media and what I do as a Biology Prof

Blog 46 – Monday January 9th – Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop part 4

Blog 45 – Monday December 12th – Dawn Bazely, Faculty of Science, Everyone should try blogging

Blog 44 – Monday December 5 – Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop part 3

Blog 43 – Monday November 28 – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, November Journal Club: Teaching Reflection in Higher Education

Blog 42 – Monday November 21 – Raymond N. Peart, Autism Coordinator, Disability Services: Reflecting on a Critical Pedagogy for Social Interaction between Autists and Educators

Blog 41 – Monday November 14th – Andrea C. Valente, Teaching Commons, #DEL 16: Anxiety and Security 

Blog 40 – Monday November 7th – Mandy Frake Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop part 2

Blog 39 – Monday October 31st – Dawn Bazely, Science, Why I’m using Twitter

Blog 38 – Monday October 24th – Agnes Whitfield, LA&PS, Thinking about feedback in translation terms

Blog 37 – Monday October 17th – Gail Mitchell, Faculty of Health, Complexity thinking in education: Leveraging difference for learning

Blog 36 – Tuesday October 11th –  Susan Murtha, LA&PS, Dealing with the distraction of students’ personal devices

Blog 35 – Monday October 3rd – Mandy Frake Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop part 1

Blog 34 – Monday September 26th – Susan Murtha, LA&PS, Dealing with the distraction of students’ personal devices (computers, smartphones, etc.)

Blog 33 – Monday September 19th – Natasha May,  Teaching Commons, The life of a faculty member nearing the first day of school

Blog 32 – Monday September12th – Dimitra Giannouplaki, International Student, Why teachers are not a thing of the past in the digital classroom

Blog 31 -Tuesday September 6th – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Happy New Academic Year

2015 – 16

Blog 30 – Monday May 2nd – Natasha May, Teaching Commons, It’s time for STAY!

Blog 29 – Monday April 25th – Stephanie Bell, Writing Centre, On teaching academic writing, Part II

Blog 28 – Monday April 18th – The sCoop on the Giving Feedback that Encourages a Growth Mindset, Teaching Commons

Blog 27 – Monday April 4th – Geoff Lawrence, Coordinator, ESL Open Learning Centre; Assistant Professor, ESL & Applied Linguistics, Introducing (and Deconstructing) York’s ESL Open Learning Centre

Blog 26 – Monday March 21st – Jerusha Lederman, Teaching Commons, Open Education in Higher Learning

Blog 25 – Monday March 14th – William Woolrich, LAPS, Five lessons in online teaching

Blog 24 – Monday March 7th 2016 – Barbara Kerr, Teaching Commons, Why do you teach the way that you do?

Blog 23 – Monday February 29th 2016 – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Three ways to make teaching more enjoyable for you and your students

Blog 22 – Monday February 22nd 2016 – Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons, Vulnerability and Compassion in the Classroom

Blog 21 – Monday February 15th 2016 – Stephanie Bell, Writing Centre, On teaching academic writing

Blog 20 – Monday February 8th 2016 – Genevieve Maheux-Pelletier, Teaching Commons, The day vicarious readers met a vivacious teacher, or the pedagogy behind making them read

Blog 19 – Monday February 1st 2016 – Vivian Stamatopoulos, LA&PS, For the love of teaching: One TA’s collaborative guide to success!

Blog 18 – Monday January 25th 2016 – Ron Sheese and Sophie Bury, Learning Commons, SPARK your teaching in 2016!

Blog 17 – Monday January 18th 2016 – Andrea Valente, Teaching Commons TA, What is your new year’s Teaching Resolution?

Blog 16 – Monday January 11th 2016 – Quintin Peirce, LA&PS – Beasts of York a cautionary tale

Blog 15 – Monday January 4th 2016 – Paul Axelrod, Faculty of Education – Turning the lure of the laptop into a positive experience

Blog 14 – Monday December 14th 2015 – Justin Podur, Faculty of Environmental Studies – Instructional Skills Workshop

Blog 13 – Monday December 7th 2015 – Chris Lortie, Faculty of Science – A quick #openscience #STEM diversity idea for assigning readings in courses

Blog 12 – Monday November 30th 2015 – Franz Newland, Lassonde – Teaching Wheels my new training wheels

Blog 11 – Monday November 23rd 2015 – Maria-Palma Zito, LA&PS – What is the university experience?

Blog 10 – Monday November 16th 2015 – Yelin Su, Teaching Commons – Designing effective online discussions

Blog 9 – Monday November 9th 2015 – Natasha May, Teaching Commons – The Future of Academia

Blog 8 – Monday November 2nd 2015 – Tina Rapke and Marc Husband, Education – Why should you co-teach at York University? A candid snap shot from the trenches

Blog 7 – Monday October 26th 2015 – Jon Sufrin, LA&PS – Deep Learning vs. Surface Learning: A False Dichotomy?

Blog 6 – Monday October 19th 2015 – Alexandra Flynn, Osgoode Hall Law School – Simulating City Council

Blog 5 – Monday October 12th 2015 – Genevieve Maheux-Pelletier, Teaching Commons – Reflecting on Experiential Education

Blog 4 – Monday October 5th 2015 – Samantha Craig-Curnow, Chippewa of Rama First Nation, and Dr. Maggie Quirt, Department of Equity Studies  – Teaching Indigenous Content

Blog 3 – Monday September 28th 2015 – Susan Murtha, Faculty of Health – Plan B for technology in the classroom

Blog 2 – Monday September 21st 2015 – Mary Waller, Schulich Business School – Seeing Behaviour

Blog 1 – Monday September  2015 – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons – Launching the teaching and learning blog

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