Student Guides

While the Teaching Commons’ main focus is on support for teachers – we have collated several guides for teachers to use with their students.

Online student guides

The Student Guide to Remote Learning was recently developed by our colleagues in Student Community and Leadership Development (SCLD) (summer 2020) to provide information and supports for students navigating the remote learning environment and technologies.

Companion PDF guides are also available in English and French

Student Guide to Remote Learning (English PDF)

Guide d’apprentissage à distance pour les étudiants (French PDF)

The Student Guide to eLearning at York provides advice, resources and information about what to expect in  online courses and tips and tools to help you be a successful online learner.

Online Student Academic Integrity Tutorial provides an online tutorial in addition to several links that will assist you in gaining a better understanding of academic integrity and point you to resources at York that can help you improve writing and research skills.

SPARK: Student Papers and Academic Research Kit is a gateway for your students to learn about and focus on research, writing and learning through modules. This website includes various examples, templates, and videos.

Sources of support for students within York

The Learning Commons brings together key supports for student learning including writing, research, learning skills and career services.

York University Study Hub provides information on why students struggle academically and where they get help. Additionally, there are resources to help build your skills and your understanding.

The Careers Centre offers numerous resources including workshops, appointments, and information on finding a job and planning a career.