‘Record of Completion’ Certificate

In effort to recognize commitment to teaching and learning by Graduate Students, the ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate Program has been established. This certificate is to honour outstanding Graduate Students for their ongoing dedication to the enhancement and improvement of teaching and learning at York University.

There are different requirements for the ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate, depending on whether you are a new graduate student (junior certificate) or more experienced graduate student or TA (senior certificate)

Junior Certificate Requirements

The Junior Certificate Requirements apply to new graduate students and/or first time Teaching Assistants at York. To earn the ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate, new graduate students and Teaching Assistants must attend at least five (5) Workshops.

Multiple elements of support are offered to new graduate students and Teaching Assistants, including TA Orientation and ITA Orientation, Resources on the Teaching Commons Website, Professional Development Workshops (lead by TC Staff or Senior Teaching Assistants) and the STAY Symposium (Supporting Teaching At York). Each of these support programs can help you earn a Junior ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate.

View Workshops eligible to count towards the ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate

Please note: the TA Orientation ITA Orientation, the Marking and Grading Workshop for Graduate Students and the STAY Symposium can each count as one (1) Workshop.  In addition, each TA Drop-in Hour session can count as one (1) workshop toward the certificates.

Senior Certificate Requirements

Senior Certificate Requirements apply to graduate students with experience.  Even in your first year as a TA or graduate student, you become experienced throughout the year and can earn a Senior Certificate in addition to or instead of the Junior Certificate.  The requirements for the Senior Certificate are as follows:

  1. Attend at least four (4) Workshops*  AND
  2. Register and attend the  STAY Symposium which takes place annually in May

*Please note, workshops that have been counted toward the Junior Certificate do not count.  In order to earn both the Junior and Senior Certificates in the same year, you must attend at least 9 workshops AND the STAY Symposium in its entirety.

Other Requirements

Only events organized by the Teaching Commons will count toward the certificate.  For example, attending a TA Orientation organized by your Faculty/Department cannot count towards the certificate.  Please see the above links to register for appropriate sessions.  Only register for those events you plan on attending and please contact us by emailing teaching@yorku.ca should you be unable to attend a booked session.  You must sign-in at each event you attend in order for your attendance to be recognized, so please arrive on time.  If you register for and attend a session, but do not sign-in we cannot verify your attendance and it will not count toward your certificate.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Natasha May maynat@yorku.ca.

This certificate must be completed within one academic year (typically between September and July).  Graduate students who do so will be given preference to register in the Teaching Assistant Certificate in Teaching (TACT) and the Senior Teaching Assistant Program.

Our records will indicate when participants have earned a ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate and awardees will be notified by email in December and June when their certificates will be ready for pick-up.  If you are not contacted in December or June, but you have completed the requirements, download the Junior Record of Completion Application or the Senior Record of Completion Application and once completed, deliver it to TEL 1032 in the Teaching Commons or email it to teaching@yorku.ca.