The Teaching Commons offers a host of courses on a wide range of topics and content. Many of our courses are accredited by the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC), are offered through a variety of formats (face to face, blended), and are made available to you throughout the academic year. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of each of these intensive teaching development courses.  Each course is a prerequisite for the one below, but you may participate in and earn the ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate every year as the workshops that make up this program change from year to year.

‘Record of Completion’ Certificate Program

EDC Accredited? No
Prerequisite(s): None
Graduate Students are encouraged to visit the Teaching Commons website to access numerous resources on teaching in higher education. Additionally, graduate students may seek out when workshops, courses, events, and symposia are taking place in effort to complete the Junior or Senior ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate.
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TA Certificate in Teaching (TACT)

EDC Accredited? Yes
Prerequisite(s): ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate preferred
This blended course explores key issues in learning and teaching in higher education. Participants are assessed through a teaching dossier and the delivery of an in-class mini-lesson. In order to be considered eligible, you must have at least ONE term experience as a TA.
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Senior Teaching Assistant Program (STA): Exploring Educational Development

EDC Accredited? Yes
Prerequisite(s): TA Certificate in Teaching (TACT) Certificate
This course takes an experiential approach to developing teaching and learning. Participants are required to organize, run and evaluate teaching support sessions for their peers. Participants are assessed through a reflective paper and an in-class presentation.
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Supporting Teaching At York (STAY) Symposium

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