Workshops, Courses and Events

The Teaching Commons provides a range of teaching development opportunities for Graduate Students who would like to enhance their teaching and make connections with others who teach at York University.  We offer a layered approach where our courses in particular build on one another.  See the image below that illustrates this.  Some accredited courses have requirements and prerequisites and some workshops and courses are restricted to graduate students of a particular experience level, but the majority of workshops, courses and events are open to everyone. Click on any of the links below to learn about and register for all we have on offer!

What does the Teaching Commons offer Graduate Students interested in teaching?

New TAs

  • TA and ITA Orientations
  • Workshops including Marking/Grading
  • STAY Symposium
  • ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate

Experienced TAs

  • TA Certificate in Teaching (TACT)*
  • Workshops including Marking/Grading and Course Design
  • STAY Symposium

Senior TAs

  • Senior Teaching Assistant (STA) Program: Exploring Educational Development*
  • Facilitate STAY Symposium
  • All Workshops

*EDC (Educational Developers Caucus) accredited courses