Awards, Grants and Fellowships

There are a variety of teaching awards, grants and fellowships both internal and external to York, awarded to Teaching Assistants every year.

Internal Awards & Grants

York University internal awards and grants for faculty and teaching assistants (indicated where applicable), including awards by Faculty.

External Awards & Fellowships

External awards and fellowships for faculty and teaching assistants (indicated where applicable), including discipline specific teaching awards from external bodies.


The Teaching Assistant and Grad Student Advancement (TAGSA) is a Special Interest Group of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) that seeks to raise the profile of TA and graduate student development in Canada. The TAGSA award is given for the best STLHE conference session led by a graduate student.

TAship in the Teaching Commons

This link provides information about a TA position in the Teaching Commons, the Teaching Commons Tutor (TCT) position, including a list of duties, application information and a link to the CUPE job posting.
Learn about TAship in the Teaching Commons


The Teaching Commons offers certificates (‘Record of Completion’ Certificates) and accredited courses (TACT and STA) to recognize the dedication and commitment to teaching and learning at York that graduate students demonstrate through their own professional development.
Learn about Certificates and Courses offered by the Teaching Commons