Teaching Wheels

At York the Teaching Commons (TC) Teaching Wheels program is a variation on the very successful Teaching Squares Program. It is designed to support classroom practice by building community through a non-evaluative process of classroom observation and shared reflection. The focus is what you as a visitor learns from observing your Wheel partners. Read more about Teaching Squares in this article “Teaching Wheels Bring Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

Benefits of participating in a Teaching Wheel

Teaching Wheels provide an opportunity in a safe and mutually supportive environment for you to:

  • Observe, reflect on and celebrate good teaching and learning
  • Increase your understanding and appreciation of the work of colleagues
  • Gather ideas for developing your teaching and learning repertoire
  • Formulate a plan for trying out and developing new approaches and
  • Enhance your teaching based on your own observations and reflections

What is expected of a Teaching Wheel participant

  • Attend a  1 hr kick-off meeting and a 1 hr wrap-up meeting
  • Observe at least two classes taught by two different Wheel partners
  • Reflect on the class observation experience
  • Share reflections with the Wheel partner
  • Invite at least two other Wheel partners to observe your class
  • Share Wheel observations with other Wheel members and other Wheels

At the kick-off meeting, you will form your groups and arrange the observation schedule.

To register for an upcoming Kick-Off Meeting please visit this link.