Evaluation of your Teaching and Feedback from your Students and Colleagues

The Secretariat Policy on Student Evaluation of Teaching encourages instructors to seek student feedback on teaching on at least one occasion during the course, and to continue to make more frequent requests for feedback and to seek it in a variety of forms.

There are two different forms of feedback, formative feedback and summative feedback. Formative feedback is feedback given at the beginning and/or throughout the course, used to inform your teaching and allow you to make appropriate adjustments along the way.  A “continuous improvement philosophy” is recommended with formative feedback. That is, once you ask students “how can I improve” they expect that you will improve. Once you have made changes and allowed them to experience them, you may want to ask again for their feedback and continue the process of feedback and improvement. Summative feedback, on the other hand, is feedback given at the end of the course, usually in the form of a course evaluation. We will focus on both types of feedback, including guidelines and strategies for obtaining such feedback from your students, colleagues or through self-evaluation and reflection.

Obtaining Feedback from Students

Obtaining Feedback from Colleagues

Self-Evaluation and Reflection