Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching for eLearning (ONLINE)

Enhance your expertise in the pedagogy of online teaching and learning with this certificate, delivered wholly online. By completing five of the six courses below in any order within a two year period and an additional summative project (see below), you will earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching for eLearning from the Teaching Commons at York University. All courses are delivered entirely online and are highly participatory, with active facilitation by Teaching Commons staff. On average, courses require roughly 1-2 hours/week of time – for more information, see the details for each course. 

By the end of this certificate, you will be able to:

  • Feel comfortable using York University’s learning management system, Moodle, and preferred videoconferencing technology, Zoom.
  • Design and facilitate effective online discussion forums.
  • Create and share course content online.
  • Develop online assignments that engage students in deep learning.
  • Assess learning online in a variety of ways.
  • Apply pedagogical principles to the practice of teaching online.
  • Create and apply context-specific strategies to enhance student engagement and motivation.
  • Integrate principles of accessibility and inclusivity in online courses.

Certificate Courses:

These courses can be taken in any order, and can also be taken as stand-alone offerings. 

Summative Project:

In addition to completing 5 online courses, to earn the certificate participants must also create and share an overview of their online course with the Teaching Commons community (through a course syllabus, a short 10-15 min video tour, a blog post, or other means).

To receive the certificate:

Simply register for and participate actively in each of the courses above, keeping a record of the dates for each course. When you have completed all five courses, please fill out this form and we will be in touch to discuss completion of the final summative project: https://teachingcommonsforms.apps01.yorku.ca/forms/view.php?id=685308