Developing the Developer: A One Year Development Plan and Resource for New Educational Developers

This resource includes a one-year professional development plan and supporting materials for centres of teaching support to induct and develop new educational developers. While it may be of use for any new hire, the focus is on relatively new entrants to the profession.

You will find an extensive reading and resource list, as well as the various developmental opportunities available to educational developers, including online courses, conferences and networking opportunities.

Users, both new developers and EDC mentors, are encouraged to co-create the resources included here.   This is a living document continuously updated and improved over time.  So please feel free to provide us feedback on this resource and identify anything you think should be added (or removed) with an annotation to explain the usefulness.

We have organized this resource according to the main questions a new educational developer may have:





Reading List and Resources

*This project was supported by a 2014 Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) Grant of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE).

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one-year professional development plan by Natasha May is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Comment on “Developing the Developer: A One Year Development Plan and Resource for New Educational Developers

  1. Developing the Developer: A One Year Development Plan and Resource for New Educational Developers” (EDs) is an indispensible document for those embarking on a career in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. This resource provides thorough and substantive information regarding what Educational Development is and why it is necessary and important. In addition, the resource clearly defines the role of the Educational Developer and Teaching Support Centre in society at large.

    A massive amount of foundational literature is presented effectively and in plain language to equip the new ED with a solid understanding of core concepts central to the field. Additionally, through this resource, new EDs are guided to the appropriate professional institutions and encouraged to explore mentorship opportunities within the ED community.

    Ultimately, collaboration and communication are key to the success of all endeavours in Educational Development. The “Developing the Developer” resource is a first step toward such sharing of knowledge. Imparting both practical and theoretical fundamentals, this resource facilitates the new ED with the appropriate background and confidence to take the first crucial steps toward pursuing their own path to pedagogical innovation

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