Educational Developer Services

What support can I expect from a Teaching Commons Educational Developer?

 Teaching and Learning Workshops, Courses, and Events

Explore a range of topics including Experiential Education, eLearning, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), course design, supporting the first year experience and supervising graduate students.

Faculty Specific Workshops

  • Workshops that are requested by the Faculty or Department to meet their specific  needs
  • May be facilitated by Teaching Commons Educational Developers or in collaboration with Faculty members
  • Can be scheduled at a date, time, and location convenient to the Faculty
  • Standard Teaching Commons workshops such as the ISW (Instructional Skills Workshop), Principles and Practices in Course Design, Assessments, Teaching 1000 Level Courses, etc. can be customized for the Faculty or Department

Faculty-Facilitated Workshops

  • Workshops offered in partnership with faculties and departments
  • Previous workshops include:
    • “Teaching Indigenous Content” workshop on how to teach Indigenous content ethically facilitated by School of Social Work and Department of Equity Studies
    • “Complexity Pedagogy and e-Learning with Daagu” facilitated by Gail Mitchell School of Nursing

To request a faculty specific workshop, please contact your liaison educational developer  

Cyclical Program Review (Quality Assurance)

  • Facilitate articulation of Program Learning Outcomes, curriculum mapping
  • For more information, or to request a consultation, please visit our page on Quality Assurance

Support for Teaching Assistants (TAs)

There are a variety of ways in which we can help you to guide and provide support to the Teaching Assistants for your course(s):

Individual Consultations

Consultations are individual appointments with an Educational Developer offered as a means to explore a wide variety of topics related to your teaching here at York. You may wish to meet with an Educational Developer to discuss, among other topics:

  • Course Design/Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Participating in a formative teaching observation
  • Assessments
  • Teaching and learning activities to achieve course learning outcomes
  • Providing feedback to students (informal and formal methods; managing the  workload)
  • Creating an inclusive learning environment
  • Identifying ‘best practices’ in teaching and learning
  • Supporting teaching and learning research, also known as the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Preparation of teaching dossiers

To request a consultation, please contact your liaison educational developer

Educational Developers also provide a range of expertise and support for pan-university initiatives and faculty priorities for teaching and learning. Our work also includes

  • Supporting TAs in their professional development
  • Supporting the exploration and integration of EE (Experiential Educational) in courses and course activities
  • Supporting ELearning course design (fully online and blended)
  • Supporting instructors teaching first year students as part of supports for the first year experience
  • Pedagogical support for the use of educational technology tools (e.g. electronic polling)
  • Supporting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), research into teaching and learning in post-secondary education
  • Supporting applications for external teaching excellence awards
  • Webinar series exploring a variety of innovations in and strategies for teaching
  • Conducting and disseminating research into the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)