3 Ways to Start and End Your Course – Alice Cassidy (In View Educational Development)

3x Summarization – Lisa Endersby (York University)

Content Mastery Assessment and Feedback without Letter Grades – Dr. Brian Lamb (University of Central Oklahoma)

Draw It Out – Lisa Endersby (York University)

Exit Tickets – Lisa Endersby (York University)

Fast Feedback – Roger Moore (NorQuest College)

Feedback and Evaluation Using Electronic Voting Systems – Dr. Christopher Wiley (University of Surrey)

Finish My Sentences – Cedomir Gladovic (Holmesglen Institute)

Insights & Questions – Nicola Simmons (Brock University)

One Minute Paper – Lisa Endersby (York University)

Postcard Evaluation – Gaye Manning (University of Dundee)

Stoplight Assessment – Lisa Endersby (York University)

Take Away Tweet (or Tweet Endings!) – Carol Rolheiser (University of Toronto)

You Did It Now I Want To! – Mandy Frake-Mistak (York University)


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