Using Online Tools to Prime Students (and Instructors) for Class

Tamara Kelly and Paula Wilson

We have all experienced it: we carefully choose readings to help students prepare for class; the day arrives and within 10 minutes it dawns on you…no one has read any of it. This lack of preparation is more than just a blow to your ego—there is ample evidence in the literature that when students come to class prepared, they learn better and make the most of their class time with peers and instructor. In this session we explore evidence that preparation leads to better learning, and describe ways that we have used online activities via Moodle, at all year levels, to help ensure students come to lecture/tutorial/lab prepared. We also discuss positive secondary benefits derived from these online activities, both for instructors and students. Participants will share their own specific issues with student preparation in their courses, and brainstorm for solutions in a collaborative and supportive space.

Session Slides