Transcript for Faculty Information Gateway Video

This is an animated video, which introduces the Teaching Commons and York University Libraries to New Faculty at York University. It includes pictures of the Teaching Commons, York Libraries and their inclusion at York and various events across campus.

Hello and welcome to York. This website is meant to be York faculties’ gateway to information from the Teaching Commons and York’s libraries. Use this website as a starting point to make connections, to ask questions, to engage with key places and to get started with faculty support available at York. We hope this page will be a useful tool for you to engage with the Teaching Commons and the library and create teaching, research collections and publication connections.

The Teaching Commons brings together like-minded individuals who are interested in exploring and sharing teaching and learning innovation across York University. The teaching Commons team is based in TEL 1050 and maintains a virtual presence via their website and Moodle courses. More than a presence, the Teaching Commons is a network of colleagues, collaborations and projects, working across and within faculties and support services.

York University libraries is an innovative and diverse learning organization. One that is central to the York University community and one in which dynamic intellectual exchanges fostered and welcomed. The library’s mission is to pursue, preserve and disseminate knowledge, to meet the challenges of evolving technologies for a diverse community through leadership in innovation and to advance teaching, learning and research at York University by building quality collections and services.

Use the Teaching Commons and the library to get to know the campus and the services available to you. Please use the links on this site to get you started and become part of a progressive and welcoming University. We’re here for you and you can contact us at any time with questions, suggestions and comments.

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