TIF 2015

The 2015 TIF conference took place on May 21 and 22. Where available we have attached session presentations and handouts. See the conference program for abstracts and full program details.

We also collected the Tweets made using the Conference Twitter hashtag – #tifyork2015: https://storify.com/YUTeaching/see-what-everyone-had-to-say-during-tif

Conference program

Poster for the Teaching In Focus (TIF) Conference

TIF 2015 schedule

Day 1

Dean Lorne Sossin, Osgoode Hall Law School  –“Community & Creativity”

Abstract: Community based learning and the infusion of creative arts in teaching are rich and distinctive aspects of York’s academic character. At Osgoode, these themes have found expression in a several recent initiatives which I believe can chart a compelling path for York’s future.

First, we have created opportunities for law students to put their insights and abilities to work through community organizations seeking to advance public interest and social justice goals  Whether as part of a curricular requirement for public interest volunteering, clinical and intensive programs, or as part of academic credit based research courses, community based learning has become a foundation for legal education at Osgoode , For example, the Osgoode-CAMH Collaborative Research Course in Mental Health and Justice challenged students to apply substantive knowledge of the law to address particular community problems and to reflect in so doing on the possibilities and limits of law.

Second, the integration of creative arts in legal education can generate opportunities for critical analysis and imaginative pedagogy, To this end, Osgoode has launched an Artist in Residence Program to bring artists working in a variety of media together with students in order to engage with legal subject matter in novel and creative ways. For example, our first Artist in Residence, the noted Canadian-Croatian photographer Cindy Blažević, worked with a group of students in a Directed Research course on the Kingston Penitentiary and Criminal Justice, Through the creation of photo-essays of the decommissioning of Canada’s oldest penitentiary, law students grappled with the criminal justice system from a novel and provocative perspective.

Through this focus on community and creativity, we have sought to advance York and Osgoode’s traditions of outwardly focused University education, to engage students, enhance communities and pursue new frontiers in law and legal ideas.

Session 1 – 5 Parallel sessions

1. Why and How Twitter Improved Student Learning in My Upper Year Biology Courses
Dawn Bazely – Presentation:  http://www.slideshare.net/DawnBazely/bazely-tif-conference
2. Experiential Second Language Teaching and Learning: Case of French in Glendon
Alena Barysevich, Mare-Elaine Lebel, Usha Viswanatan
3. How I Organize my Courses
Bill Gleberzon
4. Online Formative Assessment: Thoughts Emerging From a Pilot Project in LA&PS
Diane Beelan Woody, Linda Carozza, Trish Farrell, Roger Fisher, Joel Markus, Janice Newton
TIF session on Formative May 2015 handout
5. Teaching and Learning Through Students Developing Their Own Engaging and Educational Videos
Karl Schmid

Session 2 – 5 Parallel sessions

1. My Big Fat Online Film Course: Chronicles of Collaborative Development in Online Teaching and Course Design
Gillian Helfield  –  Presentation: TIF Helfield
2. Experiential Teaching: Unleashing Creativity in the Classroom
Alexander Flynn – Presentation: TIF conference – A Flynn
3. Intersubjective Contemplative Eduction
Veronique Tomaszewski  –  Notes: TeachingMindfulworkshop
4. Effectiveness of EAQ Quizzes and HESSIE Exit Exam to Prepare Nursing Students
Brenda Orazietti and Mina Singh
5. Embedding SPARK in Undergraduate Courses, Activities and Assignments for Better Results
Sophie Bury and Ron Sheese

Session 3 – 5 Parallel sessions

1. Teaching Intermediate Science Education Online: An Exploration of Instructor and Student Perspectives
Christina Phillips-MacNeil
2. The Innovation Game
Janet Melo Thaiss
3. Fron the Ivory Tower and Into the Streets: Experiential Learning for Democratic Engagement
Kamilla Pietrzyk
4. Engaging First Year Students: How to Capture the Interest of the Texting, Facebooking Enchanting and Disarming First Year Students
Ann Henley
5. Leaders in Nursing
Brenda Orazietti and Mina Singh

Plenary – First Year Experience

Diane Beelen Woody, Tanya Da Sylva, Rosanna Furgiuele, Mazen Hamedeh, Janice Newton, Agata Stypka
Panel presentation: Highlights of the annual First Year Experience Conference held in Dallas Texas, February 6-10, 2015.
The primary goal of the annual First Year Experience Conference is to assist institutions of higher education in the planning, implementing and refining of programs designed to enhance the first year experience. It is organized by the National Resources Centre for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition housed at the University of South Carolina (http://www.sc.edu/fye/index.html).
York University was a co-host of the February 2015 conference and a number of representatives from York attended the conference. Highlights from the conference were shared in plenary relating to current trends and issues the latest research findings on pedagogy and assessment, and promising practices to support first year students.
Panel Presentation on the First Year ExperienceatTIF2015

Day 2

Session 4 – 5 Parallel sessions

1. Teaching and Tweets
William Woolrich
Presentation: http://bit.ly/TweeterTeacher
2. Study-Abroad: A Medium for Internationalization, Experiential Education and Community Based Research
Jelena Zikic and Gunjan Sondhi
3. Co-Teaching with Colleagues in Higher Education
Elias Brettler, Asuman Duatepe-Paksu, Marc Husband, Tina Rapke
Both Tina and Marc would welcome colleagues joining them in the classroom to observe co-teaching in action. Contact Tina at: trapke@edu.yorku.ca
4. Midterm Analysis – Sharing and Enhancing Self-Analysis
Ingrid Splettstoesser
Presentation: Midterm Analysis 2015-1
5. Equity Reading Group
Nicole Bernhardt, Rehanna Siew, Pat Breton, Sandra Smele, Elena Chou

Session 5 – 5 Parallel sessions

1. Online Continuing Education Pilot: Matching Technology with Experiential Learning Needs
Tania Xerri and Pat Bradley
2. Experiential Learning Beyond the Classroom
Deborah Davidson, Heather Garrett, Julie Chambers, Ghazal Haidary, Laura Abate, Alex Dunsmuire, Leah Warren
3. Beyond Critical Thinking
Michale A. Gilbert
4. How to make Wikipedia Edits Work as an Assignment
Sara Koopman
5. Answering the call for leadership curricula: How new demands for leadership will shape our teaching and learning
Jennifer Sipos-Smith

Session 6 – 4 Parallel sessions

1. The New Luddite: Adventures in Online Teaching
Kerry Doyle
2. Violence on Campus: Strategies for Change
Krista Hunt
3. Why I Won a Teaching Award
Yael Machtinger
4. Prezi Basics for Engaging your Students with Creative Presentations
Thiru Kanagasabai
Presentation: http://prezi.com/ghloqmmyovq5/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

Session 7 – 4 Parallel sessions

1. From Tweed to Twitter: Popular Media and Academia
Dana Craig and Barbara Kerr
2. What are Threshold Concepts?
Celia Popovic
Handout: Selected Articles on Threshold Concepts in PS Teaching
Presentation: TIF 2015 Threshold concepts

3. Helping Students Tolerate Uncertainty and Advance Critical Thinking Using Non-Violent Communication Tools
Wendy McGuire
4. Encouraging Collaborative Learning in the Classroom
Ataur Rahman, Yelin Su, Sairam Chinnam
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