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Blog 87 – Monday March 19th – Natasha May and Mandy Frake Mistak, Teaching Commons, The top 6 things we learnt about Creative Commons (CC) Licensing

Blog 86 – Monday March 12th – Natasha May, Teaching Commons, What’s in a Name?

Blog 85 – Monday March 5th – The York University Libraries’ Teaching, Learning, and Research Committee (TLRC), Information Literacy and Fake News

Blog 84 – Monday February 26th – Markus Reisenleitner, LA&PS, What’s in a Name? Course design bootcamps and the need for a non-violent language of pedagogy.

Blog 83 – Monday February 12th – Raymond Peart, ASD Coordinator, Autism

Blog 82 – Monday February 5th – Barbara Kerr, Teaching Commons Journal Club, January meeting

Blog 81 – Monday January 29th – Mandy Frake Mistak, Teaching Commons Journal Club, November meeting

Blog 80 – Monday January 22nd – Susan Murtha, Faculty of Health, Is anyone else worried about the number of students purchasing essays through third party?

Blog 79 – Monday January 15th – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, The Lego Workshop

Blog 78 – Monday January 8th – Dawn Bazely, Faculty of Science, Blogging helps students and professors to write more clearly

Blog 77 – Monday December 11th – Justin Podur, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Problem Based Learning – The Maastricht MOOC

Blog 76 – Monday December 4th – Genevieve Maheux Pelletier, and Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Debunking the Myth of Learning through Experience with the Subway Emergency Exercise

Blog 75 – Monday November 27th – Yelin Su, Teaching Commons, Journal Club October meeting

Blog 74 – Monday November 20th – Lisa Endersby and Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Lego, Serious play

Blog 73 – Monday November 13th – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Journal Club launch of year 2

Blog 72 – Monday November 6th – Alice Kim, Teaching Commons, Musings on preparing for a new course: the use of Twitter as a course tool

Blog 71 – Monday October 30th – Raymond Peart, ASD Coordinator, Breaking Boundaries I: 10 things post-secondary educators should know when working with students with autism

Blog 70 – Monday October 23rd – James Andrew Smith, Lassonde, Teaching Wheels

Blog 69 – Monday October 16th – Claudia Chaufan, Health, It’s not about your teaching but about their learning: Increasing student engagement through the jigsaw classroom

Blog 68 – Monday October 9th – Peter Constantinou, LA&PS, Top Ten Lessons Learned Teaching a Fully On-line Course for the Very First Time

Blog 67 – Monday October 2nd – Eva Peisachovich,  Faculty of Health, Simulated Person Methodology

Blog 66 – Monday September 25th – Genevieve Maheux Pelletier, Teaching Commons, The Subway Emergency Exercise as Reflective Teaching and Learning

Blog 65 – Monday September 18th – Raymond Peart, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education, A Note about Autism

Blog 64 – Monday September 11th – Celia Popovic and Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Teaching Commons Journal Club

Blog 63 – Monday September 4th – Andrea Davis, LA&PS , Teaching as Activism

2016 -17

Blog 62 – Monday May 1st – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Journal Club

Blog 61 – Monday April 24th – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Ontario eTeaching and eLearning Community of Practice, live debate

Blog 60 – Monday April 17th – Claudia Chaufan, Associate Professor, School of Health Policy & Management and Samantha Sanghee Yoo, Student, Health Studies Program, What does it mean to be on the “frontlines of health”?

Blog 59 – Monday April 10th – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, The Pedagogical Workout: Bootcamps as Innovative Teaching Practice

Blog 58 – Monday April 3rd – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Teaching in Focus Conference

Blog 57 – Monday March 27th – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, Evidence for Experience: Emerging Conversations in the Scholarship of Experiential Education

Blog 56 – Monday March 20th – Yelin Su, Teaching Commons, March 2017 Teaching Commons Journal Club – Community Based Research and student learning

Blog 55 – Monday March 13th – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 5 (of 5)

Blog 54 – Monday March 6th – Dawn Bazely, Facuty of Science,  I’m aiming to break my class out of the cycle of “memorizing & forgetting”

Blog 53 – Monday February 27th – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 4 (of 5)

Blog 52 – Monday February 20th – Andrea Valente, Teaching Commons Tutor, Did you ever wonder what active learning could ‘taste’ like?

Blog 51 – Monday February 13th – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 3 (of 5)

Blog 50 – Monday February 6th – Mandy Frake Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop Epilogue

Blog 49 – Monday January 30th  – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 2 (of 5)

Blog 48 – Monday January 23rd – Elaine Coburn, Glendon, Social Inequality and Teaching in the Academy, part 1 (of 5)

Blog 47 – Monday January 16th – Dawn Bazely, Faculty of Science, Figuring out the link between social media and what I do as a Biology Prof

Blog 46 – Monday January 9th – Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop part 4

Blog 45 – Monday December 12th – Dawn Bazely, Faculty of Science, Everyone should try blogging

Blog 44 – Monday December 5 – Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop part 3

Blog 43 – Monday November 28 – Lisa Endersby, Teaching Commons, November Journal Club: Teaching Reflection in Higher Education

Blog 42 – Monday November 21 – Raymond N. Peart, Autism Coordinator, Disability Services: Reflecting on a Critical Pedagogy for Social Interaction between Autists and Educators

Blog 41 – Monday November 14th – Andrea C. Valente, Teaching Commons, #DEL 16: Anxiety and Security 

Blog 40 – Monday November 7th – Mandy Frake Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop part 2

Blog 39 – Monday October 31st – Dawn Bazely, Science, Why I’m using Twitter

Blog 38 – Monday October 24th – Agnes Whitfield, LA&PS, Thinking about feedback in translation terms

Blog 37 – Monday October 17th – Gail Mitchell, Faculty of Health, Complexity thinking in education: Leveraging difference for learning

Blog 36 – Tuesday October 11th –  Susan Murtha, LA&PS, Dealing with the distraction of students’ personal devices

Blog 35 – Monday October 3rd – Mandy Frake Mistak, Teaching Commons, Instructional Skills Workshop part 1

Blog 34 – Monday September 26th – Susan Murtha, LA&PS, Dealing with the distraction of students’ personal devices (computers, smartphones, etc.)

Blog 33 – Monday September 19th – Natasha May,  Teaching Commons, The life of a faculty member nearing the first day of school

Blog 32 – Monday September12th – Dimitra Giannouplaki, International Student, Why teachers are not a thing of the past in the digital classroom

Blog 31 -Tuesday September 6th – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Happy New Academic Year

2015 – 16

Blog 30 – Monday May 2nd – Natasha May, Teaching Commons, It’s time for STAY!

Blog 29 – Monday April 25th – Stephanie Bell, Writing Centre, On teaching academic writing, Part II

Blog 28 – Monday April 18th – The sCoop on the Giving Feedback that Encourages a Growth Mindset, Teaching Commons

Blog 27 – Monday April 4th – Geoff Lawrence, Coordinator, ESL Open Learning Centre; Assistant Professor, ESL & Applied Linguistics, Introducing (and Deconstructing) York’s ESL Open Learning Centre

Blog 26 – Monday March 21st – Jerusha Lederman, Teaching Commons, Open Education in Higher Learning

Blog 25 – Monday March 14th – William Woolrich, LAPS, Five lessons in online teaching

Blog 24 – Monday March 7th 2016 – Barbara Kerr, Teaching Commons, Why do you teach the way that you do?

Blog 23 – Monday February 29th 2016 – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons, Three ways to make teaching more enjoyable for you and your students

Blog 22 – Monday February 22nd 2016 – Mandy Frake-Mistak, Teaching Commons, Vulnerability and Compassion in the Classroom

Blog 21 – Monday February 15th 2016 – Stephanie Bell, Writing Centre, On teaching academic writing

Blog 20 – Monday February 8th 2016 – Genevieve Maheux-Pelletier, Teaching Commons, The day vicarious readers met a vivacious teacher, or the pedagogy behind making them read

Blog 19 – Monday February 1st 2016 – Vivian Stamatopoulos, LA&PS, For the love of teaching: One TA’s collaborative guide to success!

Blog 18 – Monday January 25th 2016 – Ron Sheese and Sophie Bury, Learning Commons, SPARK your teaching in 2016!

Blog 17 – Monday January 18th 2016 – Andrea Valente, Teaching Commons TA, What is your new year’s Teaching Resolution?

Blog 16 – Monday January 11th 2016 – Quintin Peirce, LA&PS – Beasts of York a cautionary tale

Blog 15 – Monday January 4th 2016 – Paul Axelrod, Faculty of Education – Turning the lure of the laptop into a positive experience

Blog 14 – Monday December 14th 2015 – Justin Podur, Faculty of Environmental Studies – Instructional Skills Workshop

Blog 13 – Monday December 7th 2015 – Chris Lortie, Faculty of Science – A quick #openscience #STEM diversity idea for assigning readings in courses

Blog 12 – Monday November 30th 2015 – Franz Newland, Lassonde – Teaching Wheels my new training wheels

Blog 11 – Monday November 23rd 2015 – Maria-Palma Zito, LA&PS – What is the university experience?

Blog 10 – Monday November 16th 2015 – Yelin Su, Teaching Commons – Designing effective online discussions

Blog 9 – Monday November 9th 2015 – Natasha May, Teaching Commons – The Future of Academia

Blog 8 – Monday November 2nd 2015 – Tina Rapke and Marc Husband, Education – Why should you co-teach at York University? A candid snap shot from the trenches

Blog 7 – Monday October 26th 2015 – Jon Sufrin, LA&PS – Deep Learning vs. Surface Learning: A False Dichotomy?

Blog 6 – Monday October 19th 2015 – Alexandra Flynn, Osgoode Hall Law School – Simulating City Council

Blog 5 – Monday October 12th 2015 – Genevieve Maheux-Pelletier, Teaching Commons – Reflecting on Experiential Education

Blog 4 – Monday October 5th 2015 – Samantha Craig-Curnow, Chippewa of Rama First Nation, and Dr. Maggie Quirt, Department of Equity Studies  – Teaching Indigenous Content

Blog 3 – Monday September 28th 2015 – Susan Murtha, Faculty of Health – Plan B for technology in the classroom

Blog 2 – Monday September 21st 2015 – Mary Waller, Schulich Business School – Seeing Behaviour

Blog 1 – Monday September  2015 – Celia Popovic, Teaching Commons – Launching the teaching and learning blog