Simulation in Education: Targeting the Domains of Learning

Loriann Hynes and Laura Nicholson

Simulation has been used in education in many ways, across multiple disciplines for several years. It is a very student-centred approach to learning, ranging from simple and inexpensive to very complex and utilizing state-of-the art equipment. Simulation helps create a safe environment for learning, allowing students to explore their abilities and make mistakes without real-world consequences. this is specially valuable in the health care setting when dealing with ill or injured clientele. Two separate events using simulation training were implemented by the contributors. The first event focused on practical skill execution and confidence building while the second was designed to introduce students to the concept of inter-professional collaboration. Student engagement was beyond expectation with the resounding desire for more opportunities to participate in similar activities. Students enjoyed learning from one another, learning about themselves as individuals, and discovering the different skill-sets outside of their profession of study.