Quality Assurance


In compliance with the The Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) developed by the Council of Ontario Universities, York has developed and implemented the York University Quality Assurance Protocols and Procedures (YUQAP) as the core of its quality assurance process. The YUQAP applies to all York undergraduate and graduate degree/diploma programs, whether offered solely or in cooperation with other institutions. It outlines the York University’s Quality Assurance Procedures for

  • New degree program approvals
  • New programs with expedited approvals
  • Major modifications
  • Cyclical program reviews
  • Closure of programs

 Cyclical Program Review (CPR)

All undergraduate and graduate degree/diploma programs are required to be reviewed within 8 years of the previous cyclical review for quality improvement and assurance purposes following the protocols stipulated by the YUQAP.

CPR Rota Schedule

CPR Process

The CPR process and tasks are illustrated in the page 21 and 22 of the  YUQAP . Guidance and templates for the program cyclical review are made available through the York CPR  website  http://yuqap.info.yorku.ca/cyclical-program-review/

CPR task timelines and Teaching Commons’ Support

Teaching Commons has various supports to academic units in their CPR exercises. Our supports focus on providing workshops and consultation and facilitation services to help academic units draft self-study reports. If your program will be undergoing the CPR in 2016/2017,  please contact the Educational developer assigned to your program as listed in the document below.

2016-2017 CPR Support Contacts by Program

See document below for a timeline of CPR tasks for 2016/2017 CPR and highlights of Teaching Commons’ support.

TC CPR Support 2016-2017

If your program is not on the 2016-2017 CPR Rota but you would like to get support regarding the CPR, please feel free to contact the education developer for your Faculty/department as listed below.

  • Programs in Lassonde School of Engineering,contact Dr. Mandy Frake-Mistak,  mfmistak@yorku.ca
  • Programs in Faculty of Health, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Schulich School of Business, and Glendon, contact Dr. Barbara Kerr, kerrb@yorku.ca
  • Programs in Humanities Department of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS), and Faculty of Education, contact Ms. Lisa Endersby
  • Programs in Osgoode Hall Law School, School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design and  Social Sciences within the Faculty of LA&PS, contact Dr. Natasha May,   maynat@yorku.ca
  • Programs in Faculty of Science and the Faculty of LA&PS Professional Studies,  contact  Dr. Yelin Su,  ysu@yorku.ca