Pedagogies of Production: Building a Modular Online Learning Environment to Support New (Media) Pedagogies

Kurt Thumlert, and Jen Jenson

Recent educational literature suggests that traditional models of education – and online learning – designed to meet late 20th century aims and purposes are no longer adequate to the challenges and opportunities facing 21st century learners, particularly in relation to the transformed domains of communication, citizenship, and cultural participation. In response to these challenges, this poster examines how/why “production pedagogy” theories drove the design of an online modular resource for teacher education students. This resource website supports inquiry, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing through critical making and production pedagogies activities (in which student-teachers are enabled to create digital and/or physical world artefact via our three module themes: Learning Through Game Design; Learning Through Critical DIY Production; and Learning Through Digital Storytelling). We suggest that production pedagogy resources like the one described in this poster might help us rethink/re-do new (online) pedagogies – where learning actors may inhabit roles as authors, composers, critical makers, game-designers, and researchers and cultural re/designers – directing their own learning in terms of their own aims and critical purposes.