TA and ITA Orientation

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All new graduate student are invited to attend a Teaching Assistant (TA) or International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Orientation session in the first week of September.  During this 3 hour session you will be provided with resources and guidance to help you get started as a TA at York University.

In this session we will discuss topics such as your role and responsibility as a teaching assistant, how to effectively engage with your course director, strategies to design your curriculum and lesson plans.

To accommodate a variety of schedules, we are offering repeat sessions of the TA Orientation.  Please register for ONE of the following sessions, by clicking on the time of your choosing:

If you are an International TA (ITA)** you may consider registering for one of our ITA Orientation Sessions. In addition to discussing the above topics and  providing resources and guidance to prepare ITAs for the Canadian classroom experience at York, these sessions will allow ITAs the opportunity to share, discuss and explore how their nationality and cultural distinctiveness can become an asset to the York learning community in their new role as an ITA.

*All sessions take place in the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh (formerly TEL) Building, Room 1014

**Please note that ALL TAs are welcome to participate in this programming and use any resources for International TAs (ITAs).  You are not required to have official “international” status at York to participate.  If you are a TA with English as an Additional Language or you are interested in support for International TAs (ITAs) for a variety of other reasons, you are more than welcome to participate!

Contact for further information: Natasha May maynat@yorku.ca