TA Drop-in Hours at the TC Lounge

Teaching Commons Tutors (TCTs) will offer drop-in hours for ALL TAs (including future TAs) in our new TC lounge space (pictured below) located in TEL 1050 (through the glass doors also pictured below).  This will be a great opportunity to meet and network with other TAs on campus while also gaining support and guidance from our most senior level TAs at York, who have completed all of the TA support programs and accreditations we offer at the Teaching Commons.

So, if you have a question related to teaching, or you missed a workshop and would like to gain information, strategies and discuss any workshop topic, or would simply like to meet with other TAs or graduate students, including an experienced TCT, please request an appointment.

You may book an individual appointment, or an appointment for a group.  As these are drop-in hours, we would like to make any appointment open for any graduate student to join and to facilitate the opportunity for networking among graduate students.  However, you may absolutely request an individual appointment.  On the request form, please specify if you require a one-on-one appointment.  Otherwise, we may invite other graduate students to drop-in during your booked session.  You are also more than welcome to invite your peers to the drop-in session.  Wherever possible, please identify the number of individuals that will be at this booked session.   Also, please provide the specific date and time you would like to book an appointment, or your availability, Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  We will try our best to ensure that someone will be available during the time you request, but we cannot make any guarantees, so more options for your availability will be helpful.

You will receive an email from the experienced TA who will book the appointment with you.  Please allow at least one business day before expecting a response.

Please email teaching@yorku.ca if you are unable to attend a requested session. Please email the corresponding TA if you need to cancel an appointment you booked with them.

*TA Drop-in Hours sessions cannot be counted toward the ‘Record of Completion’ Certificates


All TA drop-in hours will take place in the TC Lounge space (the red chairs pictured below)
Seating at the Teaching Commons lounge

The TC lounge space is located in TEL 1050, through these glass doors: Teaching Commons entrance, the glass doors

Teaching Commons entrance - glass doors