Workshops on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

While many professors explicitly examine their own practices as a way to inform their teaching, a smaller number of faculty engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and its systematic inquiry into how to maximize student learning through effective teaching. They come from a wide range of research contexts and disciplines, a situation that brings richness to the field while posing challenges to the researcher venturing into a new field. Many are not familiar with research methods in SoTL and the constraints related to conducting research involving human participants (Fenton & Szala-Meneok, 2010).

The Writing Circle

The Writing Circle offers dedicated, on-going writing opportunities for the purpose of making progress on a writing project preferably related to teaching and learning in higher education. It is structured to enable writing and reflection about your writing and offers the opportunity for feedback among peers. It takes place one Friday per month, alternating between morning and afternoon. Find out when we meet here.

These workshops aim at supporting faculty interested in investigating teaching and learning in their own classroom.

The What, Why, and How Series on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This series is for faculty at York interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning but unsure about how to get started. It is also a prelude to Teaching in Focus (TIF), where the first day’s emphasis will be on exploring concrete opportunities for research into classroom practices.

An Overview of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This workshop discusses the nature of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) from the standpoint that faculty are, often unknowingly, already engaged in many aspects of SoTL. We will compare scholarly teaching to SoTL research to highlight the similarities between the two, but also to provide a framework for a more systematic inquiry into teaching and learning. In doing so, we will highlight a 6-step process to engage in SoTL.

SoTL Design

This session is aimed at defining the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and exploring the robustness of different research designs in light of what can realistically and ethically be studied within the confine of one’s classroom.