Complexity Pedagogy and e-Learning with Daagu

This experiential workshop has two sessions separated by asynchronous e-learning activities. The first session explores basic ideas about complexity pedagogy and its potential to help you teach in a more student-centered and engaged way. Complexity leverages differences for provoking new ideas, challenging assumptions, and inviting critical reflections that spur discovery and growth. You will have hands on experience with complexity thinking in an e-learning platform called Daagu. The platform supports teachers-learners in one-time activities, and blended or fully online formats. You will have opportunity to explore course designs and assessment strategies consistent with complexity principles.

After a week-long span for you to engage with colleagues on the Daagu platform, we will meet for the second half of the workshop. Experiences with complexity pedagogy and the Daagu platform will be shared. In addition new content for the role of the educator in Daagu will be examined and imagined from your place of teaching-learning. Seating is limited so register early. Read more about Daagu in the Feb 16th, 2016 issue of Yfile: At York University, innovative eLearning is called Daagu

Date and time: COMING BACK SOON