eLearning @ York Course


The eLearning @ York course is for those who would like to explore and develop blended and online learning in their teaching. On this course you will gain the tools needed to adapt or develop a blended or fully online course. No experience of developing eLearning is required. This is a SEDA Accredited course. Upon the successfully completion of the course, participants will receive a A Certificate of Completion. Participants will also be awarded  a SEDA Certificate for accomplishing additional SEDA assessment tasks. Please refer to the course guide listed below for the respective requirements for the Certificate of Completion and SEDA Certificate.

Course Sections

We are currently offering  two sections of the eLearning course.

Course Format

This  is a blended learning course comprising of four one and a half hour face-to-face sessions with three online modules in between. Through this course, participants are encouraged to reflect on their experiences as a student in a blended course that will pedagogically inform the development and design of their own blended or online project.

Participants should commit to be actively engaged in the course activities. It is anticipated that participants will spend on average 1-2 hours per week to complete the course.

We can also offer specially scheduled or adapted workshops for groups of 6 or more.

2015 Summer eLearning Course offerings

In May and June 2015, we will have 2 offerings of eLearning@York: Designing blended instructions and 3 offerings of eLearning@York: Designing fully online instructions.

To mitigate scheduling conflicts, we have combined the 4 in-class sessions into a two-day intensive workshop with three online modules to be completed independently. Though we are delivering this course a little differently this summer, please kindly note that your active participation in the online modules is essential and the completion of this course requires the attendance of both in-class sessions and the completion of online modules.

Course schedule

eLearning@York: Designing blended instructions
  • Offering 1:  Wednesday, May 6, 1-4.15 in TEL 1009  & Thursday, May 7, 1-4.15 in TEL 1014
  • Offering 2:  Wednesday, June 24, 1-4.15 in TEL 1014 & Thursday, June 25, 1-4.15 in TEL 1014
eLearning@York: Designing fully online instructions
  • Offering 1:  Tuesday, May 19, 9.15-12.30 in TEL 1009 & Wednesday, May 20, 9.15-12.30 in TEL 1014
  • Offering 2: Monday, May 25, 1-4.15 in TEL 1014 & Tuesday, May 26, 1-4.15 in TEL 1014
  • Offering 3: Thursday, June 18, 9.15 – 12.30 in TEL 1014 & Friday, June 19, 9.15-12.30 in TEL 1014

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