External Awards & Fellowships

This page contains information and links to numerous teaching awards available across the larger university community:


External Awards & Fellowships

The Alan Blizzard Award

The Alan Blizzard Award for Collaborative Projects that Improve Student Learning is designed to stimulate and reward collaboration in teaching, and encourage and disseminate scholarship of teaching in post secondary education. More information is available on the  Alan Blizzard Award website. The STLHE Awards Committee is updating the terms of reference for the Alan Blizzard Award and expect to share the new terms at the 2018 STLHE Conference.

D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning

Established in 2012, the D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning, sponsored by D2L (Desire2Learn), celebrates and recognizes up to five post-secondary educators each year for their innovative approaches that promote student-centred teaching and learning. More information is available on the D2L Innovation Award website.

Deadline for applications is Sunday, 18 February 2018

OCUFA Awards for Teaching and Academic Librarians

Each year, the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) recognizes outstanding teachers and academic librarians in Ontario universities through awards. Approximately seven awards are presented.  More information is available on the OCUFA Teaching Award website.

Deadline for receipt of nominations: May 26, 2017

Sloan-C Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning Awards

The Awards Selection Committee of the Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) invites nominations for the Sloan-C Awards for outstanding contributions to the field of online learning.  More information is available on the Sloan-C Award website.

QM Awards: Making a difference for students

The QM Awards recognize individual and institutional efforts exemplifying QM’s focus on learners. Awardees demonstrate a commitment to ensuring high course quality and using different but valuable approaches to improving learner outcomes. Winners for the awards are announced each year at the QM Annual Conference on Quality Assurance in Online Learning. More information is available on the QM Awards website

3M Teaching Fellowship Program

3M Teaching Fellowships honour exceptional contributions to teaching and learning at Canadian universities. Up to ten awards are presented each year to recognize teaching excellence as well as educational leadership, and are sponsored by 3M Canada, in collaboration with the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.  More information is available on the 3M Teaching Fellowship Program website.

Note: each nomination package requires a letter of endorsement from the Vice-President Academic of a Canadian University (see: Nomination Package: 3.2: A letter of endorsement from the Vice-President Academic or equivalent).

List of previous 3M National Teaching Fellows

3M National Student Fellowship

The 3M National Student Fellowship honours up to ten full-time undergraduate college and undergraduate university students at Canadian institutions who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their lives and at their college or university. These students embrace a vision of quality education that enhances their academic experience and beyond. For more information and application procedures visit the 3M National Student Fellowship website.

Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award

The Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award was developed to recognize and encourage teaching excellence at Ontario’s colleges and universities. Up to 100 awards will be given to faculty who influence, motivate and inspire students and demonstrate leadership in teaching methods for the diverse student body in Ontario. Winners will receive $20,000 over two years to encourage continued excellence in the classroom setting. More information is available on the Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award web site.

Discipline Specific Teaching Awards


The American Anthropology Association / Oxford University Press Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching of Anthropology was established in 1997 to recognize teachers who have contributed to and encouraged the study of anthropology.


The American Accounting Association – Innovation in Accounting Education Award is intended to encourage innovation and improvement in accounting education.Further, it recognizes significant programmatic changes or a significant activity, concept, or set of educational materials. The winner may be an individual, a group of individuals, or an institution


The National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT), Four Year College & University Section Teaching Award and Pearson Publishing, recognizes creativity and innovation in undergraduate biology teaching. These innovations may include, but are not limited to, curriculum design, teaching strategies, and laboratory utilization; they must have been implemented and demonstrated to be effective. Additionally, award winners will agree to present their work during the Undergraduate Faculty Professional Development Summit at the NABT Conference. The award is open to NABT members and includes a $1,000 honorarium, recognition plaque to be presented at the NABT Professional Development Conference, and one year of complimentary membership to NABT. National Association of Biology Teachers Online Nomination Form


The Chemical Institute of Canada Award for Chemical Education is presented as a mark of recognition to a person who has made an outstanding contribution in Canada to education at the post-secondary level in the field of chemistry or chemical engineering.

Communication Studies

The Donald H. Ecroyd Award for Outstanding Teaching in Higher Education is given to honor an National Communication Association (NCA) member who exemplifies superlative teaching in higher education. NCA presented the first Ecroyd Award in 1988.

Computer Science and Engineering

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) offers two teaching awards.

The Computer Science and Engineering Teaching Award — A certificate and $2,000 honorarium are awarded for outstanding contributions to undergraduate education through teaching and service, and for helping to maintain interest in the field and make a statement about the importance with which the IEEE Computer Society views undergraduate education.

The Taylor L. Booth Education Award — A bronze medal and $5,000 honorarium are awarded for an outstanding record in computer science and engineering education. The individual must meet two or more of the following criteria in the computer science and engineering field: achieving recognition as a teacher of renown; writing an influential text; leading, inspiring or providing significant education content during the creation of a curriculum in the field; inspiring others to a career in computer science and engineering education.


The American Society for Criminology Teaching Award (established in 2008) is a lifetime-achievement award designed to recognize excellence in undergraduate and/or graduate teaching over the span of an academic career.  This award is meant to identify and reward teaching excellence that has been demonstrated by individuals either (a) at one educational institution where the nominee is recognized and celebrated as a master teacher of criminology and criminal justice; or, (b) at a regional or national level as a result of that individual’s sustained efforts to advance criminological/criminal justice education.

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

The American Meteorological Society offers the Edward N. Lorenz Teaching Excellence Award annually to an individual in recognition of sustained outstanding teaching and mentoring at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels.

Electrical Engineering

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)  Education Society offers the Mac Van Valkenburg, Early Career Teaching Award recognizing members of the IEEE Education Society who have made outstanding contributions to teaching unusually early in their professional careers, as evidenced by teaching performance, development of new teaching methods, and curricular innovation in fields of interest to the IEEE Education Society.


The Canadian Mathematical Society, Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes sustained and distinguished contributions in teaching at the post-secondary undergraduate level at a Canadian institution. The first award was presented in 2004.


The American Psychological Association, Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award recognizes a significant career of contributions of a psychologist who has a proven track record as an exceptional teacher of psychology.

The American Psychological Association’s Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Division 2 offers the Teaching in Excellence Awards. Teaching awards of $1500 and a plaque will be bestowed for outstanding performance in each of six categories: 4-year college or university (Robert S. Daniel Teaching Excellence Award), 2-year college (Wayne Weiten Teaching Excellence Award), high school (Mary Margaret Moffett Memorial Teaching Excellence Award), first 7 years of full-time teaching at any level (Jane S. Halonen Teaching Excellence Award), graduate student (Wilbert J. McKeachie Teaching Excellence Award), and the Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award.