What is ‘Conflict’ and How Might it Arise in the Classroom?

October 19, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Victor Phillip Dahdaleh (formerly TEL) Building, 1014
Teaching Commons

Together we will define what we each mean by “conflict” and explore a working definition for this workshop.  We will share potential sources or situations in which conflict may arise in the classroom, such as sensitive course content, most stressful times for students during the semester (perhaps centred around assessments and grades) etc.  The focus will be on our own power/privilege, particularly as teachers, but also personally, as well as focusing on biases, any example experiences of oppression and inequality.

Whether power/privilege, oppression and inequality are specific concepts covered in your course/discipline or not, they are present in every classroom, so this workshop aims to identify how they appear in each of your classrooms and help build awareness.  This workshop will include small group work, where participants will engage in an ice breaker activity and continue to work in the same small group to develop trust and work through and discuss the content of the workshop to achieve the outcomes.

This workshop will count towards the Teaching Commons ‘Record of Completion’ certificate

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