Active Learning Workshop: The Jigsaw Classroom

November 13, 2017 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Victor Dehdaleh Building Room 1014 (formerly TEL Bldg.)
Teaching Commons
Ext. 55754

Facilitator: Prof. Claudia Chaufan, MD, PhD

Support team: Rubina Kharel, Luiza Ravalli, Samia Shire, Muhanad Ali

In this workshop I will share my experience with a cooperative, active-learning approach, i.e., the jigsaw classroom, as I have applied it to undergraduate courses in the social study of health/global health. In the jigsaw classroom learners are organized into groups with different yet complementary tasks. Learners prepare to perform these tasks both individually (at home) and within “expert” groups (in the classroom), and subsequently peer teach to members of their “jigsaw” groups. They are graded individually and collectively.

The jigsaw classroom was developed as a way to increase learner engagement, minimize passive activities (e.g., lecture), promote individual and collective accountability for learning, and foster cooperation rather than competition among learners. As these goals are achieved, the classroom environment becomes more inclusive, learning outcomes are enhanced, and the pleasure of learning increases. Students from one current course will join me to demonstrate their experience with the jigsaw classroom. Participants will be invited to interact with students (i.e., observe students discussions, ask questions about the student experience, etc.) during the activity.

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