Writing in Context – Writing-as-Praxis

Kerry Doyle, John Spencer, Marlene Bernholtz, Ros Woodhouse

We have all been tempted to despair when reading student writing, but we might also consider the frustration students experience as they strive to translate ideas and arguments into words. Writing matters – a lot – and our students know this, but developing the ability to write well and write meaningfully in a given context takes time, knowledge, critical awareness, and reflection, as well as practice.  No single writing technique works for all students or, indeed, for all instructors; nor can one kind of writing instruction serve university students’ many scholarly and professional needs and desires.   York’s Writing Department offers a multivalent approach to writing, in terms of theory, mode and practice. In this panel, Writing Department faculty members representing different areas of expertise and interest will come together to discuss and share ways in which we conceptualize writing-as-praxis; praxis indelibly linked to intellectual endeavors as enacted across the disciplines.