Abstract for Writing in Focus: Writing Praxis in Practice

Dunja Baus, Marlene Bernholtz, and Kerry Doyle

“How do I know what I think until I see what I say.” E.M. Forster

How can you help your students strengthen their writing when your mission is to teach them about your area of expertise? There is little enough time in our lectures and tutorials to do justice to the subjects at hand.

But, whatever their chosen subject, students need to write well to succeed.  Moreover, time spent developing writing ability is also time spent developing critical thinking skills – in other words, time well spent.

During this interactive session facilitated by faculty from the Writing Department, participants will try their hands at writing activities and take part in reflective and collegial discussion, both of which will encourage participants to think of in-class writing activities as opportunities to help their students appreciate more fully the relationship between their writing and their chosen discipline.

We also invite participants to attend the “Writing in Context “ panel session.