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Teaching in Focus Conference (TIF)

2018 TIF Conference


Teaching in Focus (TIF) Conference is the pan-university conference on Teaching and Learning at York University. This peer reviewed conference is for all who teach or support student learning at York to celebrate teaching, share experience and innovations in teaching practices, make connections, and build and expand a community and scholarship of teaching and learning.

This year our conference theme is Student Engagement.

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The Joy of Learning: Engaging Students in the Politics of Global Health Policy (Claudia Chaufan, Rubina Kharel, Samia Shire)

Student engagement is a critical aspect of quality post-secondary education. Generally, instructors believe, and research confirms, that student engagement helps achieve one key goal of postsecondary education, i.e., the development of critical thinking skills. There is further evidence that student engagement also facilitates learning outcomes, and no less importantly, contributes to students and instructors having a more pleasurable time together.

We assessed student engagement and learning outcomes among three groups of undergraduate students – an average of about 60 students per group – in 2 sections of a 2nd year course and 1 section of a 4th year course in Global/Comparative Health Policy at a commuter campus in a large, urban University. Using mixed method approaches we evaluated engagement and outcomes as they relate to the use of techniques informed by active learning – including jigsaw and flipped classrooms, interactive lectures, and ongoing student reflection. Our goal is to present the results of this ongoing investigation.

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Supporting Teaching at York Symposium (STAY)

Graduate students engaging in opening plenary of the STAY Symposium on Friday May 2, 2014

Supporting Teaching at York Symposium (STAY) is a pan-university TA conference in Teaching and learning. This conference is featuring sessions facilitated by the graduates of the Senior Teaching Assistant Program to engage TAs with conversations around a broad range of topics central to the role of a Teaching Assistant at York. All TAs at York are invited to this event and participation can lead to a ‘Record of Completion’ Certificate.

2018 STAY Symposium

Date: TBD – the STAY Symposium was originally scheduled for May 4, 2018, but has to be postponed
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