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What is the ‘university experience’?


By Maria-Palma Zito, 2nd year undergraduate student, LA&PS

More often than not people associate the “university experience” with going away. Living on your own for the first time, being forced to do laundry and cook all by ones self.

Whereas that is a great experience, I am compelled to believe that, the “university experience” is one that each student can make up by themselves based on what works for them.

I firmly believe that even the commuter centric, York University serves as an outstanding option for students looking to embrace a modern, diverse and academically driven setting.

My name is Maria-Palma Zito. I am currently in my second year of study at York University, majoring in political science. I chose to come to York because it was close to home. And because of its close proximity to my house, I could get involved both before and after class without dreading my commute.

Thus far I have had the privilege of embracing much of what York has to offer. I enjoyed getting involved with a variety of committees and organizations both faculty and university wide, such as the Student Council of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Faculty Council, Experiential Education working groups, and the Teaching Commons.

Though my involvement I have had the privilege of working with a variety of community members who have taken time to learn and grow with me. I am grateful for the support I have been given throughout my journey thus far. My engaged professors and engaged faculty, staff and student mentors continue to inspire me to be a better leader and to continue to strive for success.

I am a proud York student and grateful for the opportunity to come to such a renowned academic institution committed to its students and their growth.


Thank you York University!

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to you for sharing your experience. I found this read to be particularly uplifting. I am positive that others benefit from your enthusiasm and energy and I sincerely hope that you continue to be such an integral part of the York community!

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