Application of Simulated Person Methodology an Interactive Pedagogy to Engage Post-Secondary Students

Eva Peisachovich, LJ Nelles, Samantha Johnson, Laura Nicholson, Barbara Kerr, Loriann Hynes

The literature identifies simulation as the teaching learning approach that supports the synthesis of knowledge and the development of insight and professional competence. It is, therefore, essential that teaching institutions consider this participatory and collaborative approach in the application, development, and use of simulation methodology for educating novice professionals. Thus, a unique aim of this project is to provide educators from variety of disciplines with the tools to apply and embed Simulated Person Methodology (SPM) in their curriculum and to work with human simulators in the context of a teaching and learning within the classroom. The goal is to create a pedagogical environment to support the facilitation of students’ critical thinking and self-reflection and preparing graduates to practice in complex and dynamic workplace environments.Participants will be exposed to SPM and its application in an academic setting, and begin to develop personal capacity regarding integration of SPM into curriculum.  Participants will experience a short scenario to demonstrate how this methodology can be applied within the classroom.