Educational Developer Services

Individual consultations

To request services, please contact your liaison educational developer

  • Course design
  • Assessments
  • Teaching and learning activities to achieve course learning outcomes
  • Providing feedback to students (informal and formal methods; strategies for managing the workload)
  • Creating an inclusive learning environment
  • Identifying ‘best practices’ in teaching and learning
  • Supporting educational research
  • Preparation of teaching dossiers

Faculty specific workshops

  • Workshops that are requested by the Faculty to meet specific Faculty needs
  • May be facilitated by Teaching Commons Educational Developers or by Faculty members
    Examples: “Teaching Indigenous content” workshop on how to teach Indigenous content ethically facilitated by School of Social Work and Department of Equity Studies;“ “Complexity Pedagogy and e-Learning with Daagu” facilitated by Gail Mitchell School of Nursing
  • Standard Teaching Commons workshops such as the ISW (Instructional Skills Workshop), Principles and practices in course design, Assessments, Teaching 1000 level courses, etc. can be customized for the Faculty
    • Date, time and location convenient to the Faculty
    • Open to full-time and contract faculty

Cyclical Program Review

  • Facilitate articulation of Program Learning Outcomes, curriculum mapping


  • Provide feedback on pedagogical aspects of accreditation or re-accreditation

In collaboration with TC colleagues

  • Support TAs
  • Support EE (Experiential Educational)
  • Support ELearning course design (fully online and blended)
  • Support first year experience
  • Pedagogical support for the use of educational technology tools (e.g. electronic polling)
  • Support applications for external teaching excellence awards
  • Webinars