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About the Teaching Commons

The Teaching Commons brings together like-minded individuals who are interested in exploring and sharing teaching and learning innovation across York University. The Teaching Commons team is based in DB 1050 and maintains a virtual presence via our website and Moodle courses. More than a presence, we are a network of colleagues, collaborations and projects, working across and within Faculties and Support Services. We report to the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning. http://avptl.info.yorku.ca/

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Teaching Commons, York University
1050 Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Bldg. (formerly TEL Bldg.)
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3
Tel: 416.736.5754
Fax: 416.736.5704

The Teaching Commons Team

Picture of Celia Popovic, the Director of the Teaching Commons

Dr. Celia Popovic

Tel: 416.736.2100 ext. 55922
As Director, Celia is responsible for managing the TC on a day-to-day basis. Her work includes cooperating with partners from across York University to identify what will be of help to her teaching colleagues, and contributing to teaching-related strategies through the TC. Celia also conducts research into teaching and higher education, with particular focus on the transition from high school education to university education; and the development of educational developers.  She is the co-author of two books: ‘Understanding Undergraduates’ (Popovic and Green, Routledge 2012) and ‘Advancing Practice in Academic Development’ (Baume and Popovic, Routledge, 2016), her third book, ‘Learning from Academic Conferences’ is currently awaiting publication.


Picture of Mandy Frake-Mistak, an Educational Developer in the Teaching Commons

Dr. Mandy Frake-Mistak

Educational Developer
Tel: 416.736.2100 ext. 22882
Mandy is an Educational Developer and works with the Lassonde School of Engineering, the Faculty of Education, and and the School for Continuing Studies. She facilitates a number of courses and workshops including the Instructional Skills Workshop, the Education, Curriculum, And Teaching Excellence course (EduCATE), as well as assisting with the graduate student program. Having a research background in critical policy studies in higher eduation, her role includes leading courses  teaching and contributing to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). She is also an Instructional Skills Workshop Trainer.


A Picture of Barbara Kerr, an Educational Developer with the Teaching Commons

Dr. Barbara Kerr

Educational Developer
Tel: 416.736.2100 ext. 20691
In her role as educational developer, Barbara works with the Faculty of Health,  the Faculty of Environmental Studies, and Schulich School of Business. She provides support for all aspects of curriculum design and recognition of excellence in teaching.


Picture of Natasha May, an Educational Developer in the Teaching Commons

Dr. Natasha May

Educational Developer
Tel: 416.736-2100 ext. 44202
Natasha’s role as educational developer sees her work with the School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design, Social Sciences within the Faculty of LA&PS as well as Osgoode Hall Law School.  She has a passion for the student experience which she follows through her part in the First-Year Experience initiative. Having previously worked as a Research Assistant in the TC, she has also retained her role in programming for Graduate Students and Teaching Assistants.


Picture of Yelin Su, an Educational Developer in the Teaching Commons

Dr. Yelin Su

Educational Developer
Tel: 416.736.2100 ext. 22117
Working mainly with e-learning, Yelin runs courses and offers consultations to educators within the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of LA&PS Professional Studies, as well as facilitating a Teaching Assistant course, with the aim of enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. Also working on her own research into how different factors contribute towards students’ academic performance, Yelin is cooperating with the Faculty of Science in piloting a teaching observation program.


A picture of Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier, an Educational Developer at the Teaching Commons

Dr. Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier

Educational Developer
Tel: 416.736.2100 ext. 22138

Geneviève focuses on experiential education and the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). In both areas, she leads workshops and informal gatherings such as the Writing Circle, aimed at encouraging SoTL research in a collegial atmosphere. She has spearheaded initiatives such as the online Experiential Education Guide and is part of a research team investigating the impact of regular reflective activities in helping students approach learning critically. She also provides bilingual teaching support to Glendon College.


A picture of Mary Lynn Belmonte, the Administrative Assistant for the Teaching Commons

Mary Lynn Belmonte

Administrative Assistant
Tel: 416.736.2100 ext. 55754
As the first point of contact for Teaching Commons, Mary Lynn provides administrative support and assists the Director and Educational Developers in the coordination of the day to day operations, activities and events at Teaching Commons. She has previously worked as a Faculty Secretary for Schulich School of Business, LA&PS and Health.


A picture of Jersuah Lederman, a Research Assistant for the Teaching Commons

Dr. Jerusha Lederman

Post Doctoral Visitor
Tel: 416.736.2100 ext. 88770
Jerusha’s work at TC involves researching current and emergent trends in teaching and learning at the university level.  She makes use of her quantitative research background in physics (doctorate) and computer science to integrate progressive technologies (including social media) into the educational development framework.  She is passionate about science outreach and given her background as an astrophysicist and graphic artist, she plans to use her diverse skill sets to present complex material in an engaging, innovative and visual manner to faculty and students.

Lisa Endersby

Educational Developer
Tel: 416.736.2100 ext. 33047

Lisa Endersby joins the Teaching Commons with a background in experiential learning, assessment, and technology in higher education. Currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Studies, her research explores professional development within online communities of practice, examining the impact of social learning in a digital environment for student affairs and higher educational professionals. Her work in the Teaching Commons includes supporting the Faculty of Education, as well as the Department of Humanities within the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) while contributing to research and scholarship for teaching and learning.

Dr. Alice Kim

Post Doctoral Visitor
Tel: 416.736.2100 ext. 88770

At the Teaching Commons, Alice’s research is focused on implementing cognitive principles of learning and memory in undergraduate course design. She earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Toronto, and her dissertation was focused on how new memories are formed. Before joining the Teaching Commons, Alice’s postdoctoral research focused on how learning and memory can be enhanced in a variety of populations, including school-age children and memory-impaired individuals, using cognitive principles. At the Teaching Commons, Alice’s goal is to apply her knowledge of learning and memory to enhance teaching and learning at York University and the larger educational community.

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